As you're reading this, follow closely and let your imagination take you down Memory Lane. 

You're eight. Today, you will be celebrating your birthday. Your parents have either hyped up the event or it's a homey, sing-song, clap hands, eat cake kind of intimate celebration. To you, this ever growing wonder child under the watchful eyes of adults, is experiencing a love in abundance and wholeness. Perhaps, you might remember this moment fondly; maybe it'll draw up some unpleasant reels from yesterdays ... but this moment, you are turning eight years old. A gift lands in your hands – neatly bound with bright wrapping paper. 

In your heart of hearts, you know something exciting is about to make its arrival. Magic.

That. That moment, regardless of what is uncovered, is the hook. That is the moment we constantly strive for with our work and in our services.

The founding of Slapsic is a cookie cutter version of all current-day entrepreneurship. Work hard. Meet the right people. Try hard to find time for friends and families; try a bit over the course of the years to extend that friends and families to acquaintances and more... The starting marked by the Books is registration day, but business starts way before then, doesn't it?

Two or more people have to have met, come together with a unified vision, and put their money/work where their mouths are. 

Slapsic was founded in that same manner – with one writer, one designer – coming together to do something they are passionate about. Time can be spent and tales can be shared, but experiences can only become memories as you travel along familiar, old roads. While Slapsic remains in its infantile years of development and growth, it will continue to capture the magical moment before the big reveal [sic]

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Evolving the infantile Slapsic brand to its current day Slapsic

Argh. Slogan! Enough with the slogans!
Just put 'I Love Slapsic'. Done.

— One of the Co-founders

The oasis between the land of make-belief and make-real can only be left to our wildest imagination:



S tories are for ever and for everyone. XZV Studio was first discussed during drinking sessions between two ambitious likeminded storytellers – one writer, one director. For nights, they mulled over the possibility of ideating, writing, directing and producing an original IP. With a pen and a clipboard of scrap papers, the outline of an original character with all the fixings getting himself into a predicament worth seeing through was done. A long while more of mulling, sulking and deliberating on the commitment level it takes to follow through on creating original IPRs, XZV Studio was decided on. 

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One may not always believe what one sees.
But one will always turn to one's heart to find the truth.